Log360 - Year in review

Log360 - Year in review

The year 2023 has been a remarkable one for Log360. With the introduction of a multitude of features and enhancements, Log360 has continued to evolve, making it easier for administrators to manage and secure their network infrastructure effectively.

Here are the top 10 highlights from our releases so far in 2023

  1. Security and risk posture management for Active Directory and MSSQL servers: Log360 now enables users to assess and enhance the risk posture of Active Directory and MSSQL servers by providing insights into vulnerabilities along with mitigation recommendations.

  1. Enhanced compliance support: Log360 has introduced out-of-the-box compliance reports for various standards such as the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA), Criminal Justice Data Communications Network (CJDN), Systems and Organization Controls (SOC 2), and more.

  1. IP-based access restriction: Log360 now allows or restricts access based on specific or range of IP addresses, enhancing the security of the network.

  1. Elasticsearch enhancements: Improvements such as automatic restarts of Elasticsearch in case of crashes and other enhancements have been made to ensure smoother operation. 

  1. Dashboard and UI improvements: Various enhancements such as reduced loading times and improved start-up speeds have been introduced to improve user experience.

  1. Issue fixes and hot fixes: Numerous issues such as ‘Wrapper in use’ errors, out of memory issues, and config file corruption have been addressed and fixed. 

  1. Enhanced support and integration: Log360 has improved its compatibility and integration with other products and services, ensuring a more cohesive and efficient operation.

  1. Customization and flexibility: Features such as customizable risk rules and the ability to get insights into compliance mandates that Log360 adheres to have been introduced.

  1. New and improved reporting capabilities: New reports and enhancements, such as reports that help government institutions meet network security policies, have been added.

  1. Continuous assessment and improvement: Log360 now continuously assesses environments for security risks, providing granular visibility into weak and risky configurations, and offering recommendations for improvement.

Upgrade Log360 to access premium security features like UEBA and Active Directory reporting. To leverage all the new features and enhancements, update Log360 to the latest build.

For more information or any product-related assistance, reach out to us at support@log360.com.

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