Log Collection Filter in ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

Log Collection Filter in ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

Dear Community,

I have Added Windows Devices and Syslog Devices in Manage Engine EventLog Analyzer.
But all the Logs are being scanned. Instaed, i only specific weinwos security logs to be scanned (4720 i.e. new user creation ,4724 i.e. Password reset ,4725,4738,4767). I infact disbaled all predefined Log Collection Filters and I have created one collection filter. But it doenst seem to work and still all the logs are being pushed, like system logs etc.
I am attaching screenshots for Refernce:

I click on Log sources 

I see Many Logs are being Displayed against each device, take a look at No of Events:

But I only created a customized Log collection filter to collect those logs. Unfortunately it doesnot seem to be working, Its still collecting all the Logs. Take a look at Screenshot below. I have created a customized Log Collection Filter below:

And see, this is the only Log Collection Filter named "Windows Security Logs" which is enabled:

But Still there are so many Logs being collected. Take a loko at dashboard Screen below:

Also, Take a Look at below Screenshot which shows all logs being collceted. ia hve attached screenshot of one Domain Controller. You can take a loko a lok at the Event IDs.

I dont knwo why It's collecting Logs as per Log collection Filter that I have enabled on it.
Kindly Help me out in this Matter.

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