Locking closed tickets after a certain timeframe

Locking closed tickets after a certain timeframe


We rolled out ServiceDesk plus to our users at the beginning of 2022, and our users love it.

We do have an issue where users have started to re-open closed tickets from over a month ago for new work, rather than raise a new ticket. I can see that I can use the Field and Form rule to lock all fields from being edited by a requester if the status of the ticket is set to closed, but the issue stems from setting a time/date period for this rule.

I'm using the conditions of "Status is Closed" and "Created Date after" but I can only select an actual date and time, not a period of say, 1 month, 1 week, etc. This means that I would have to keep updating the date in this rule to ensure that I keep a rolling period of 1 month.

It would be really useful to be able to lock a closed ticket after a pre-determined period of time, is this something that can be done via other means or is it something that would need to be requested as a feature?