Like a hamster on a wheel !!

Like a hamster on a wheel !!

One of the frequently asked reports during my ServiceDesk Plus onsite training & consultation visits is the report showing the time spent by the servicedesk team in handling requests ( Incident / Service Requests ). Every IT director and Service Desk Manager would love to see this report to assess the current state of affairs of the team and to plan the workload accordingly.


During my discussions with the IT ServiceDesk team(Technicians), I find that they are putting forward their best effort in resolving/fulfilling their assigned tasks in incidents, problems, changes & projects. But the timespent reports generated on a daily basis does not highlight them adequately. It doesn’t make sense to them as all their efforts have gone in vain without any proof.


The approach of this hardworking ServiceDesk team is synonymous to a hamster on a wheel that runs tirelessly without showing any expected outcome/progress.
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ManageEngine   ServiceDesk Plus has an ace up on its sleeve that would bring a smile to the hardworking technicians.


WORKLOGS in ManageEngine   ServiceDesk Plus measures the total time spent by a technician in resolving an incident/task/change/problem etc. In short, it is an invaluable metric that measures effectiveness of the team and also provides a bird’s eye view on the performance of every technician in meeting the SLAs set in the organizations.


Detailed instructions on adding worklogs under tasks in ServiceDesk Plus are given below


http :// www . manageengine .com/products/service-desk/help/ adminguide /requests/tasks/add- worklogs . html


http :// www . manageengine .com/products/service-desk/help/ adminguide /problems/work_logs. html


To ensure that the worklogs are logged properly, it should be set as a mandatory field while closing requests, tasks, problems, changes.’ Worklog should be added ’ should be checked under Request, Problem and Change closing rules.


On the reporting side, ServiceDesk Plus offers Request Timespent Reports   under the default reports and also allows you to create innumerable reports using the timespent module under Custom reports.


You can find useful custom worklog reports in our ServiceDesk Plus Community.


In addition, ServiceDesk Plus also offers insightful timespent reports with ZOHO Reports integration .Once this integration is initiated, Worklog   module is by default synced into ZOHO reports which in turn provides default timespent reports & dashboards for granular analysis.


I am sure you’d appreciate the usefulness of the worklogs in your organization and would love to hear any feedback / requirement in this regard from you !!