Lightspeed Smart Agent on MacOS

Lightspeed Smart Agent on MacOS

After much trial and error, I've found that trying to deploy Lightspeed Smart Agent on MacOS through Endpoint Central is impossible. I worked with Lightspeed's support and after they tried troubleshooting with me, they concluded that it's not possible to deploy. This is their response after they tried:

"We confirmed the same after speaking to our dev team, what we found during testing that there is no where our deployment Utility Agent can seemingly reference the .plist file containing the bundle ID (preference domain) and especially for the unknown reason why uploading the target plist file on ManageEngine did not seem to work."

They suggest that we manually install it but that seems cumbersome since it works with other platforms, like JAMF, just fine. We have MacBooks that are given to students who borrow them to use for projects but don't want to give them out without proper filtering first obviously.

I uploaded a few screenshots of the initial issues I was having. When trying to upload the PLIST file as a MDM profile custom configuration, after you save and it automatically converts it to an XML file, it doesn't allow you to publish it so it stays grayed out.

The other way I tried created a custom configuration through software deployment to see if that would work but it kicks up an error and can't proceed. These are also in the screenshots.

I'm not sure if anyone else has had this issue or have some solution for it but any help would be appreciated.

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