Let us celebrate our everyday heroes!

Let us celebrate our everyday heroes!

July 28, 2017, is the SysAdmin appreciation day. Let us recognize and thank our IT warriors for their hard work and dedication. 

Let’s face it. If not for our SysAdmins we wouldn't be able to get through a single business day with zero hiccups. Most of the times, we hardly spare a minute to say thanks for all that we get done by our SysAdmins. Now is our chance to thank them for the year round work they do.   

To all the SysAdmins out there, we, at ManageEngine, would like to truly thank you for all the times you have helped us get through our blue screens and awfully hard-to-remember passwords.

If you are a SysAdmin, we have a fun personality typing quiz just for you. Take this quiz and find out who you are as a SysAdmin. We have special goodies for the winners and other exciting gifts. 

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