Key Manager Plus - Run Now

Key Manager Plus - Run Now

I have a couple of suggestions.  Since this is a new product there are a few issues.

1. Sorting doesn't work well.  When you sort by 'Days' it doesn't work.  When you sort by 'Valid To' it does not work.

2. I would like to be able to specify multiple ranges of IP addresses in a discovery ie: if my network have multiple subnets I would like to be able to specify for example,, etc...  Not only should I be able to specify the range but multiple subnets.

3. Once you create a scheduled item you should be able to 'Run It Now' to make sure everything works rather than wait for the schedule to kick in.

4. Email address should not be a mandatory field because I may not want a report once the schedule runs.  It should be an optional field.


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