Key Manager Plus 6200 is now Available!

Key Manager Plus 6200 is now Available!

Hi all,

We are happy to announce the release of Key Manager Plus 6.2 (Build 6200). We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers and users for their feedback and continued support.

New Features

  • Two-Factor Authentication Support
    Key Manager Plus now allows you to integrate with the following services to provide Two-Factor Authentication support for application login.
    1. Google Authenticator
    2. Microsoft Authenticator
    3. One-time password
  • AWS Certificate Manager Integration
    Key Manager Plus now supports integration with AWS Certificate Manager (ACM)—a trusted certificate authority and certificate manager. This integration enables users to request, acquire, deploy certificates from Key Manager Plus to AWS ACM , renew and automate the end-to-end lifecycle management of SSL/TLS certificates issued and managed by ACM, directly from the Key Manager Plus web interface.


  • Key Manager Plus now allows operators to select administrators directly to send an email while adding a request for a certificate on the certificate request page.
  • In addition to server certificates, Key Manager Plus now allows users to import client certificates from DigiCert and manage them in the Key Manager Plus repository.
  • Users can now create a scheduled task for AWS certificate discovery.

Bug Fix

  • Assigning the certificate group created using any criteria other than common name failed to load operator user's SSL repository page.

Security Fixes

The following security issues have been resolved in this release:

  • Path Traversal Vulnerability, Remote Code Execution (RCE) and SSL validation vulnerabilities.
  • Privilege escalation vulnerabilities (ZVE-2022-0093 and ZVE-2022-0094 ) in the SSH Users view and while exporting SSL certificates, reported by CERTXLM, have been fixed.

Key Manager Plus 6.2 full download:
NOTE:  Installing the full 6200 build will uninstall your existing Key Manager Plus installation. If you are running the evaluation version and wish to evaluate the new version, save a ZIP of the entire existing KeyManager installation folder before installing the new version (in case you need data from the existing version).
Upgrade pack for existing customers:
Existing customers can download Key Manager Plus 6200 upgrade pack from the link below.
NOTEWe recommend copying the entire Key Manager Plus installation folder and pasting it in another location before installing the update, just in case something goes wrong with the Key Manager Plus upgrade. That way, all your settings are backed up as well. 

If MS SQL is configured as backend, then take a backup of the corresponding database too prior to the upgrade.

Upgrade pack instructions: 
Give Key Manager Plus 6200 a trial and feel free to drop your queries to
If you want a personalised demo of Key Manager Plus, fill-up the form here and we'll have our product experts get in touch with you right away.
Have a great day!

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