Key Manager Plus 6100 is now available!

Key Manager Plus 6100 is now available!

Hi All,

We are happy to announce the release of Key Manager Plus 6.1 (Build 6100). We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers and users for their feedback and continued support.


New Feature

  • Active Directory Synchronization
    Key Manager Plus now comes with the Active Directory (AD) synchronization feature that allows users to set up recurring synchronization schedules for single or multiple domains during AD user import. AD synchronization schedules can be created to import users from user groups or organizational units that are part of multiple AD domains.


  • Earlier, when certificates were renewed, the deployed servers and the credentials had to be mentioned manually. From now on, the renewed certificates will automatically inherit the deployed servers and their credentials.
  • Henceforth, the SSL certificates can be manually mapped with deployed servers list to any server directly from 'Inventory >> More >> Add Deployed Server'.
  • Earlier, only the administrators were able to perform CSR signing. Hereafter, the administrators can allow the operators as well to sign the certificates.
  • From now on, certificates/CSRs/certificate groups will have an email field to which the SSL expiry email notifications can be sent, where the expiry notification email address can be provided while creating the Certificate and CSR.
  • A new option - Deploy to Microsoft certificate store user account, has been added, which facilitates the deployment of the Microsoft Store deployed certificates to the respective user accounts, in addition to deploying to the computer accounts.
  • The SSL Certificate Expiry Notification set up under "Settings >> Notifications >> Expiry" will now include Issuer, FingerPrint, and Serial Number fields in the Certificate Expiry email.

Bug Fixes

  • The auto-renewal duplication issue has been fixed.
  • There was an issue in exporting the certificates as password-protected zips when password protection for exports was enabled under Privacy Settings. This issue has been fixed now.
  • There was a failure in Linux deployment from the ServiceDesk Plus request. This issue has been fixed now.

Key Manager Plus 6.1 full download:


NOTE:  Installing the full 6100 build will uninstall your existing Key Manager Plus installation. If you are running the evaluation version and wish to evaluate the new version, save a ZIP of the entire existing KMP installation folder before installing the new version (in case you need data from the existing version).


Upgrade pack for existing customers:


Existing customers can download Key Manager Plus 6100 upgrade pack from the link below.


NOTEWe recommend copying the entire Key Manager Plus installation folder and pasting it in another location before installing the update, just in case something goes wrong with the Key Manager Plus upgrade. That way, all your settings are backed up as well. 

If MS SQL is configured as backend, then take a backup of the corresponding database too prior to the upgrade.

Upgrade pack instructions:


Give Key Manager Plus 6.1 a trial and feel free to drop your queries to


If you want a personalized demo of Key Manager Plus, fill-up the form here and we'll have our product experts get in touch with you right away.


Have a great day!

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