Key Manager Plus 5.2 released

Key Manager Plus 5.2 released

Key Manager Plus 5.2 released


We are happy to announce the release of Key Manager Plus 5.2 (Build 5200). We want to take this opportunity to thank all our customers and users for their feedback and continued support.


Key Manager Plus 5.2 allows users to perform vulnerability checks for SSL certificates managed using Key Manager Plus. The vulnerability scan, which is run on SSL certificates in the repository as well as the end-point servers, effectively flags any insecure configurations / parameters in SSL certificates and domain servers. This helps users identify and replace the existing SSL certificates or re-configure their domain servers with great ease.

Also, Key Manager Plus 5.2 permits users to install SSL certificate for their Key Manager Plus servers directly from the product interface.


New features and enhancements include:


  • SSL certificate vulnerability scan: Users can now scan for vulnerabilities in SSL certificates managed using Key Manager Plus. Vulnerability scan is performed on SSL certificates as well as the end-point servers. Key Manager Plus will check for certificate revocation status, certificate-server mismatch, usage of weak encryption algorithms (such as the SHA-1) pertaining to the selected certificate. Also, the end-point servers are scanned for configuration vulnerabilities such as HEARTBLEED, POODLE and usage of weak protocols and cipher suites.   
  • Users can also schedule periodic vulnerability scan on selected or all certificates in Key Manager Plus repository, obtain e-mail notifications and comprehensive reports post the scan. 
  • Graphical representation of private-key availability for a given certificate in the SSL → Certificates view.
  • Option to download keystore, pfx and private-key files for a given SSL Certificate.
  • Option to install SSL certificate for Key Manager Plus server from the product interface.


For further details, refer to the Key Manager Plus 5.2 release notes.


Key Manager Plus 5200 full download:


NOTE: Installing the full 5200 build will uninstall your existing Key Manager Plus installation. If you are running the evaluation version and wish to evaluate the new version, save a ZIP of the entire existing KMP installation folder before installing the new version (in case you need data from the existing version).


Upgrade pack for existing customers:

Existing customers can download the Key Manager Plus 5.2 (build 5200) upgrade pack from the link below.



We recommend copying the entire Key Manager Plus installation folder and pasting it in another location before installing the update, just in case something goes wrong with the Key Manager Plus upgrade. That way, all your settings are backed up as well.


Upgrade pack instructions:


Give Key Manager Plus 5.2 a trial and send your feedback to


Have a nice day!



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