Key Manager Plus 5.0 released

Key Manager Plus 5.0 released

We are happy to announce the release of Key Manager Plus 5.0 (Build 5000). We want to take this opportunity to thank all our customers and users for their feedback and continued support.

Our new version of Key Manager Plus facilitates end-to-end certificate life cycle management by integrating with Let's Encrypt, the renowned open certificate authority. Key Manager Plus now completely automates the acquisition, deployment, re-issue, renewal, and revocation of certificates from Let's Encrypt. Users can now acquire, deploy, and renew third-party SSL certificates on their respective domain servers directly from the product's web interface.

New features and enhancements include:

  • End-to-end certificate life cycle management: Request, procure, deploy, and automatically renew SSL certificates for your domains from Let's Encrypt.
  • Discovery:
    • Discover and manage certificates from Windows Certificate stores.
    • Identify and manage certificates issued exclusively by Windows Certificate Authority.
  • Deployment: Deploy SSL certificates, as well as JKS/PCKS12 keys, to endpoint servers directly from the product interface.
  • Reports: Run additional reports on certificate deployment, certificates deployed on multiple servers, SHA-1 certificates, Let's Encrypt certificates, and Let's Encrypt certificate requests.
  • Audits: Export audit records on key and certificate discovery.
  • Identification: Enhancements to identifying SSH user home directories.
  • Certificate request workflow enhancements:
    • Specify device name and IP address while raising a certificate request.
    • Automatically import the obtained certificate into a .pfx or .keystore file.
    • Email certificate and JKS/PKCS keys while closing a certificate request.

For further details, refer to the Key Manager Plus 5.0 release notes.

Key Manager Plus 5000 full download:

NOTE: Installing the full 5000 build will uninstall your existing Key Manager Plus installation. If you are running the evaluation version and wish to evaluate the new version, save a ZIP of the entire existing KMP installation folder before installing the new version (in case you need data from the existing version). 

Upgrade pack for existing customers:

Existing customers can download the Key Manager Plus 5.0 (build 5000) upgrade pack from the link below:

We recommend copying the entire Key Manager Plus installation folder and pasting it in another location before installing the update, just in case something goes wrong with the Key Manager Plus upgrade. That way, all your settings are backed up as well.
Upgrade pack instructions: 

Give Key Manager Plus 5.0 a try and send your feedback to

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