[KB] How do I keep track of OWA logons?

[KB] How do I keep track of OWA logons?

Outlook Web Access (OWA) has made it so much easier for our employees to access their mailboxes with just an internet connection. While accessibility has improved tremendously with OWA, there are new problems that administrators face.

Identify logons based on IP addresses

  • Sometimes, there may be logons from unknown IP addresses. If there are several logon attempts from an unfamiliar IP address, it's a probable sign of malicious activity. You need information about these logons in order to determine if they are a malicious or just an employee working from home.

Track browser-based logon

  •  Your organization may have imposed a policy that employees should stick to a particular browser for safety. This happens occasionally because a patch may not have been applied to a particular web browser. It is essential to be vigilant about whether these rules are being adhered to.

Additionally, there are numerous other reasons why you may need to keep an eye on OWA logons. Whatever be your reason, you can use the OWA logon reports of Exchange Reporter Plus.


Exchange Reporter Plus has several reports which allow you to track logons to mailboxes hosted on the Exchange Server through OWA. To access these reports, go to the Reporting tab and click the OWA & ActiveSync category.

                                                                                      Figure 1: OWA reports of Exchange Reporter Plus

Use the Client IP Based Logon report to determine logons to mailboxes through OWA based on the client IP addresses. This report shows you the IP address from which users logged on and the number of logons that occurred.

The Browser Based Logon report allows you to view the browsers users used to access their emails. If any browser is being used in your organization despite warnings about the patch not being applied, you can take up further analysis and warn users about this.

Exchange Reporter Plus has numerous other capabilities. Attend our free online workshops to understand it's different features and functionalities.