[KB] How do I keep track of changes to server configuration?

[KB] How do I keep track of changes to server configuration?

Your organization may have a number of administrators. While it does help having a huge IT admin team in an organization, there are other problems that could crop up. Troubleshooting becomes difficult as you don't know if one of the other administrators made any particular change, leading to the problem at hand. Documentation is another difficulty that has to be addressed in a multiple administrator environment. 


Some of the common tasks required of you in an environment with multiple administrators are as follows.

  • Detect if any send or receive connectors were recently reconfigured.
  • View changes to the circular logging setting of databases.
  • Monitor changes to hub transport settings.

 When any issue relating to server configuration arises, you need to quickly review all the changes made to ensure easier troubleshooting. 



Exchange Reporter Plus allows you to keep track of all changes made to server configuration in your Exchange environment through reports such as:

  • Circular logging changes report
  • Hub transport settings changes report
  • Send and receive connector changes report

For example, if your organization suddenly faces issues with message routing, you need to take a look at the send and receive connectors using the following steps:

  1. Click the Auditing tab.
  2. Go to Advanced Audit Reports.
  3. Open the Send and Receive Connector Changes Report, found under the Admin Audit Log category.

                                           Figure 1: Audit changes to send and receive connectors using Exchange Reporter Plus.

Use this report to identify who is making changes to the send and receive connectors, the names of the connector and the server, the cmdlet used, and the attributes modified. The report can also be exported to a specified location in multiple file formats to serve as documentation.


Exchange Reporter Plus simplifies both documentation and troubleshooting for you with these reports. Adhering to regulatory compliance policies also becomes easier.


Find out more about Exchange Reporter Plus and it's various functionalities today!