IT project management capabilities and task enhancements

IT project management capabilities and task enhancements

IT Project Management and Task Enhancements


We are happy to announce that ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand now comes with integrated IT project management capabilities. Create projects, manage resources and track their progress from a single console with visually appealing dashboards.



Also collaborate IT projects with requests and changes to fine-tune overall IT service delivery.


Project management is available by default for Enterprise edition. For Standard & Professional editions, it is available as an add-on.




We have also enhanced our task management capabilities much better than before. Listed below are some of the new features and restrictions that are brought in.


            New Features:

o   Group, priority, estimated effort, percentage of completion, additional cost and type for a task

o   Attachments, comments and work log can be added to a task

o   Ability to generate reports for tasks

o   Enhancements in task notifications

o   Task closure rules




o   Site, group, and technician restrictions are brought to task

o    Group and technician fields shown in the task form will have values based on the site of the requests

o   When adding a task from template, group or technician will be unassigned if they do not match the site of the requests

o   For non-admins, home page tasks will be listed based on his associated group or assigned to him


Work log


o   Work log will now have execution start and end time. Older work log's execution time will be moved as execution start time now.

o   If any change is made within the execution start time, end time, and time taken, it will be resolved to sync automatically



o   Owner list will be shown based on the Site of a request


To know more about the enhancements and new features, click here .


We encourage you to try out these latest features and new capabilities. If you need more clarifications, just send an e-mail to , We would be glad to assist you.




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