Issues in the iOS 14.2 update that cause app crashes

Issues in the iOS 14.2 update that cause app crashes

An issue has been detected in the iOS 14.2 update, that causes certain app store applications that have been developed using Xamarin, an app development tool provided by Microsoft to crash when they are distributed using an MDM solution. This issue does not affect apps manually installed from the App Store.


Until Apple releases a bug fix for this issue, we recommend our users who are distributing apps to devices using Mobile Device Manager Plus,  to delay the 14.2 update on their users devices. For more details on delaying OS updates, refer this link.


Additionally, Microsoft has also provided a temporary workaround to enable the distribution and installation of apps developed using Xamarin. For more details, refer this link.


In case you are not using Mobile Device Manager Plus to distribute apps to devices, as a precautionary measure, we recommend testing out the OS update on a test bed before deploying it to your production environment.


For more information, contact Support.
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