Issue with Audit Log Delay in Manageengine SharePoint Manager Plus

Issue with Audit Log Delay in Manageengine SharePoint Manager Plus

Dear Support Team,

We are currently utilizing your product, SharePoint Manager Plus, for monitoring SharePoint Online. We have encountered a specific issue that we hope to receive assistance with from your end.

We've observed a significant delay in the appearance of the Audit Log in SharePoint Manager Plus after performing actions on SharePoint. The time lag for the Audit Log to reflect changes after actions on SharePoint extends to nearly 4 hours, posing considerable challenges to our monitoring and analysis processes.

We have taken the following steps in attempting to address the issue:

 - Ensuring that the configurations within SharePoint Manager Plus are set up correctly.
- Double-checking the connectivity and accuracy of necessary information from SharePoint Online.

However, the issue persists. We are seeking your support to identify and resolve the root cause of this delay. Any guidance, solutions, or assistance from your end would be highly appreciated and valuable to us.

Please let us know if further specific information is required or if you need additional details from our end to assist in addressing this issue.

Thank you for your professional support, and we look forward to a prompt and positive response.

Best regards,
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