Is your website available?

Is your website available?

With as many as 20+ IT management  products to be featured, it is not that easy to ensure that the  demo site is up and running for each of these products in addition to the 15-odd free  ManageEngine  tools on individual physical servers hosting the demo instances.


Will make a separate post to tell you how these are being hosted at our demo sites. Being a part of the team that is responsible for ensuring the demos are always up and rolling up the sleeves to schedule and do the actual demo, it is critical to ensure that the demo sites are monitored. That said,  monitoring the availability of these demo sites from across the world is a herculean task. As a Network Administrator, you need to know the availability of these sites and the response times from various locations. I remember using a bunch of tools to do these tasks, until  ManageEngine's  Website Availability monitoring came up. I can now monitor the availability of the URL and response time from 50 different locations across the world and here is the best part-  this piece of availability monitoring is hosted and doesn't need a sign-up. Yes, it comes for free!

We have projected the availability reports of demo sites onto a plasma screen and it is quite easy for us now to troubleshoot the location has the problem. And you know what,  our  FCR  has drastically reduced and we are now able to devote more time on other administration tasks.


There are quite a lot of IT administration tools under the  ManageEngine  umbrella. My successive blogs will be on such tools and how these tools help us perform certain IT tasks without any glitches, and most of these tools are free!


Share your stories of how some of the free IT tools have helped you and if there is a free tool in  ManageEngine  that you'd like to recommend to your peers :) See you around!