IOCs For Windows OS

IOCs For Windows OS

i like filter the search section for find some IOCs activities , for example i want filter the windows logs and find hosts those they have event logs by id 4618 and 4919,but i can not create a search filter on the search box like the blow code :
  1. EventID = 4618 and EventID = 4919
what should i do?

i have to create this filter of IOC on the search box :
  1. and [4618,4912,OR (4907,4660,4670,4691), OR (4964,4767,4760,4758,4757,4753,4750,4743,4740), OR (5025.5034,4950,4949)
and i try this on the search box :
  1. EVENTID = 4618,4912 OR (EVENTID = "4907" OR EVENTID = 4660 .... )
but i think "EVENTUD = 4618,4912" like as OR operation and it is not a And Operation and the result of 
EVENTID = "4985" And EventID =  "4663" And Hostname="FS" was empty but on this host i have logs by event id 4985 and 4663.

thank you for your helps.

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