Inventory information - currently/historic deployments

Inventory information - currently/historic deployments


Before I suggest this as an idea thought I'd ask if it already exists incase I just don't see it in the app. 

In Endpoint Cental Cloud version you cannot see what existing deployments/patch runs the computeris a member of. Other similar products have this option that with a menu option you can see what groups/deployments/patch runs that a computer is a member of. 

Am I missing this in the interface or does it not exist? 

The idea being that from the inventory of a machine you can see that it's a member of "X,Y &Z" groups as well as "Patch group 1" and what status those deployments are on that machine. 

I may not be explaining this very well I could grab a screenshot from an alternative tool if that would help anyone to understand what I mean. 


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