Introducing vulnerability management for Linux!

Introducing vulnerability management for Linux!

Hi folks!

All the features of Vulnerability Manager Plus are now supported for various Linux distros, third-party applications, web server and database server applications that are deployed on Linux endpoints. The features include:
  • Vulnerability management

  • Security configuration management

  • Automated patch management

  • Web server hardening

  • Active port audit

  • High-risk software uninstallation

  • End-of-life audit

  • Antivirus status detection

  • Firewall and bitlocker state detection

  • SELinux and App armor state detection


Currently the following Linux operating system versions are supported:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and and later versions

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP3 and later versions

  • Ubuntu 16.04 and later versions

  • Debian GNU/Linux 7 and and later versions

  • Pardus 17, and 19

  • Oracle Linux Server 6, and later versions

  • CentOS 6 and later versions


View the complete list of all the applications supported.


Linux OS support is available in Vulnerability Manager Plus from version 10.1.2121.1. Refer to this page for downloading and installing the latest version of Vulnerability Manager Plus.


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