Introducing the SaaS Version of Analytics Plus

Introducing the SaaS Version of Analytics Plus

Powerful, AI-driven analytics available in the cloud

Analytics Plus is now available as a SaaS offering, enabling users to set up a fully functional, integrated analytics platform in under 60 seconds. This launch allows users to deploy analytics anywhere, by making it easy for an organization to deploy analytics on private or public clouds such as AWS and Azure. 

IT operations nowadays are structured in a way that warrants the use of several monitoring tools and technologies to ensure the business remains operational and accessible to its customers around the clock. While these disjointed IT tools provide visibility into their area of operations, they fall short in providing complete visibility into IT as a whole, costing IT leaders time and effort in gathering insights. 

Analytics Plus' new cloud offering completes the IT application stack by creating a foundation for integrations, allowing organizations to connect to a multitude of data sources and attain faster time to market, increase productivity, curb expenditure and garner more revenue. 

IT and Business App Connectivity to Track IT Performance Holistically
Analytics Plus now connects with more than 40 business applications such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Google Analytics, and LinkedIn. These newly-supported business app integrations enable organizations to measure the ROI of IT along with it's contribution to achieving business objectives. It also integrates with over 30 IT monitoring applications such as SolarWinds, Splunk, and AppDynamics to provide IT leaders with a holistic view of IT performance. A few of these IT monitoring app integrations are offered via ManageEngine Alarms One. 

Context-Aware AI to Deliver Domain-Level Intelligence
Our built-in AI assistant has also been enhanced with domain-level intelligence to bridge the gap between data and decision makers. 

Analytics Plus' context-aware AI enables users to:
  • Establish correlations between data from various applications and data sources.
  • Quickly identify opportunities and threats.
  • Gain granular insights into aspects of IT operations and business that might not be possible otherwise.

Pricing and Availability
The cloud version of Analytics Plus offers a Professional edition at $199/month for two users and three viewers. The Enterprise edition starts at $399/month for 10 users and 25 viewers. The Personal edition is available for free forever and supports one user. A free, fully-functional evaluation is also available. For more details on pricing, visit .

Learn more about the cloud version of Analytics Plus here

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