[Announcement] Introducing Analytics Plus 6.0 beta

[Announcement] Introducing Analytics Plus 6.0 beta

Hello folks, 

We're excited to announce the beta version of Analytics Plus 6.0, which has an extensive range of features designed to elevate your IT operations.

Here's a taste of the powerful analytical capabilities coming your way:
  • Integrations: Enjoy pre-built insights into AppDynamics, NagiosXI, SentinlOne, Amazon Lightsail, Microsoft Intune, and more.
  • Advanced analytics: Experience automatic anomaly detection and alerting, perform cluster analysis, and converse with Zia for powerful insights, anywhere.
  • Visual analytics: In addition to Zia Insights, you can gain insights into individual data points in a report and apply visual suggestions to better visualize underlying data. There's also a wide range of new visualization types, to simplify and elevate your analytical journey.
  • Data management and governance: Explore the all-inclusive IT metrics library, discover the power of incremental data fetch, apply workspace-level restrictions to enhance security, and so much more.   
  • ML algorithms: Looking to perform complex analyses? Simply turn to the Python Code Studio, or use the autoML capabilities for a no-code experience. 
And that's not all. From a new dashboard editor to comprehensive audit histories, the 6.0 beta is packed with exciting capabilities. 

Experience the 6.0 beta today, and turbocharge your IT strategies!

Note: This beta release is applicable only to accounts in the Enterprise edition of Analytics Plus cloud.

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