Interface graphs

Interface graphs

When you choose a device from inventory, then click “Interfaces” and then choose an interface – say the main uplink for a site router – you get a page focused on a single interface.  At the top there is “Summary, Interface Graphs, Monitors” to choose from.  If I then choose “Interface Graphs” I see several graphs but they’re all over a time frame of about 15 hours or so.


I don’t know if forum readers are familiar with the open source derivatives of MRTG but they nearly all provide a 24 hour graph based on 5 minute SNMP samples (which in effect means a graph covering 24 hours using 5-second averages as data points); a monthly graph based on one hour averages and a yearly graph based on 1 day averages.


So the question (finally) is this – how can I see history with traffic and other interface characteristics?


Secondly, what is the first graph “Total byes transferred”?  It nearly always has the same shape as traffic but the Y-axis has units of Bytes rather than Bytes-per-time-frame.   If it was simply total bytes in and out over the 15 hour period, the graph would be an ever ascending shape (which its not).

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