Integrations Question

Integrations Question

Hi there...

We run Site24x7 today and it seems to be working fine. I'd like to find the ability to send alerts from the system to Zoho Desk (or other ticket systems) but have a unique requirement.

I want to set a custom attribute in the alerts and then do an if/then logic when hitting the ticket system which results in the ticket being created on behalf of an existing user. I'm thinking this is more of a function of the ticketing system and have been considering Zoho Desk. I got integration working with Zoho Desk but it opens the ticket on behalf of the agent reporting the issue, not (in our case) the actual customer.

This would be really easy if you could custom define email alerts even from Zoho24x7 with a custom "from address" and apply that to specific alerts but that doesn't seem possible.

In other installations using SolarWinds, you can define a custom email from field on a per alert basis and then fire that to the ticket system which then autoresponder back to that email address (customer email) notifying them that we are aware of the alert and the details. This works really well and I'm trying to find something similar using Site24x7.


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