Integration Issue between Ad Manager Plus and Rack Server in my intel 8 GB ram laptop

Integration Issue between Ad Manager Plus and Rack Server in my intel 8 GB ram laptop

Hello ManageEngine Community,


I hope everyone is well. I'm currently encountering a puzzling integration issue between Ad Manager Plus and my Intel 8GB RAM laptop. I'm reaching out to the community for assistance and guidance in resolving this issue, as it's been causing some disruptions to my workflow.


Issue Description:


I've been using Ad Manager Plus for some time to streamline our ad management processes, and it's been working smoothly on various systems. However, recently, when I tried to set it up on my Intel-based laptop with 8GB of RAM, I've been running into some integration problems. Here are the main issues I'm facing:


Application Compatibility: Ad Manager Plus doesn't seem to run as smoothly on my Intel 8GB RAM laptop as it does on other systems. I'm experiencing lag, freezing, and occasional crashes, which impact my productivity.


Integration Errors: During the setup process, I encountered integration errors that I haven't come across with other devices. These errors are preventing the software from functioning correctly.


Laptop Details:


Operating System: Window 10

Questions for the Community:

Has anyone experienced compatibility issues with Ad Manager Plus on an Intel 8GB RAM laptop or a similar system configuration?

Were you able to successfully resolve these integration problems, and if so, how did you go about it?

Are there any specific settings or configurations that I should be aware of when integrating Ad Manager Plus with an Intel laptop with 8GB of RAM?

I've reached out to the Ad Manager Plus support team, but I wanted to tap into the collective knowledge of the community to see if anyone has encountered and overcome similar integration challenges.

Any insights, suggestions, or tips would be greatly appreciated in helping me resolve this issue and get Ad Manager Plus running smoothly on my laptop.


Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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