import from organization - how does this work

import from organization - how does this work

So under requesters, there are three buttons. Import from organization, import from azure and import from csv.

Currently, import from azure is blank, and i am working on that on another ticket here. However "import from organization" gives me a sort of random list of users....

I cannot figure out for the life of me where it is pulling these users from! i cant find any configuration with directory credentials, and if its not pulling from azure, i am a bit stumped how it would get access to our AD.

To get access to Service Desk Plus Cloud, one has to sign up for an account, so that the user is registered in Zoho accounts. One way of adding requesters is by importing from Zoho Accounts.

Zoho accounts? what the heck is that? i took a look at the enterprise application in azure that is called "zoho" but the same users aren't in there.

So how does this "import from organization" button work? where are the settings for this? Where is the import configured from?