Immediate 'First Response' breaches when requesters re-open aged requests

Immediate 'First Response' breaches when requesters re-open aged requests


While certainly not a bug, I'm looking for ideas to solve this particular issue (currently on OnPrem v12 but soon to upgrade to v13):

  1. A request is received. It has a target first response time of 4 hours. The first response target date & time is 'set in stone' in the relevant field of the request.
  2. The technician handles the request and resolves it well within the 4 hours. In many cases, if the request is straightforward, there is no need to add notes with the 'mark first response' checkbox, nor reply to the user. All the information is entered into the Resolution field and the request is resolved. Requester is notified.
  3. 1-2 days later, the requester replies and the ticket is re-opened. The request immediately flags up as "first response SLA violated" because the original target time is now far in the past.
Clearly this is a false indication of the SLA being breached. If anything, the timer should continue from the point the ticket is opened. But since the target time is a specific date & time, I understand why it doesn't work this way.

How can we work around this? The only ideas I have are:
  1. Technicians MUST get in the habit of actually timestamping their first response, be it with notes or with a reply to the requester (but then every requester will get 2 responses per request - the reply and the resolution notification). Not desirable.
  2. Set up some kind of rule (if possible) to set the first response time as being equal to the resolved time, in cases where it's blank at the point of closure. If this is possible, some pointers would be welcome.
  3. Something else I haven't thought of yet...
Does anybody else have this issue? How best to solve it in our situation?

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