Imaging & OS Provisioning - Free training

Imaging & OS Provisioning - Free training

What could makes us feel better, than answering your needs. Based on many requests from customers, we have introduced free training on Imaging and OS Provisioning. You can feel free to join us, in the training program and get more insights on the product. It is time for you, to explore the hidden tips and tricks. This training is scheduled on Sep 28th . The training  will be conducted in 2 different time zones 11:30 EDT & 06:30 GMT.

Here is the agenda of the training program.
  • Provisioning OS for new computers

Learn how to deploy OS for new computers, based on various departments.

  • Re-install OS to computers periodically 

Learn the various steps involved in reinstalling OS to computers on regular intervals.

  • Maintaining master images

Learn various methods of capturing the images and the best practices.

  • Adding computers to Active Directory

Learn how to perform post deployment activities, like adding computers to the active directory.

 Please come up with your questions, requirements and challenges. This "60 minutes" that you invest for training session will save hours of your time and effort on OS Deployer.Register Now and Invite your friends.

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