ifAlias on trap $IF-AgentMO(variable)

ifAlias on trap $IF-AgentMO(variable)

I'm trying to set alerting for my devices with LinkDown(V2c) trap processor for Cisco devices.
More precisely i'm trying to get an Alert message of interface down but with interface description included.
I have seen many post on different forum people wanting to do the same thing, but with no success.

I have found an old thread
more than 11 years old trying to accomplish the same, but with no valid response.

Anyway, i was looking into $IF-AgentMO(variable) and, if i get this correctly, it pulls data from a managed device, not from trap content.
I couldn't find anywhere list of available variables, only i saw from examples that "PropertyName" and "pullInterval" can be used.
This vould be great if ifAlias, or ifName could be used so it could pull interface Description.

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