IF Alias in IPAM published data

IF Alias in IPAM published data

Good morning,

When i look at the IPAM results i see the IF Alias showing the names of the ports on the switch, however when i select to publish the data it is not a column for me to choose, i am building a map to give a view of hotdesk usage and require the Alias to be published along with the Data, is there a means to do this?

I've tried using the data from SPM+, however as it does not have an add-in for currently logged on user the data is viable for my needs

Many thanks


As an additional the same is said for Switch port mapping scheduled data, the view in the inline opmanager window does the currently logged on user but omits this data when publishing the information.

If it would be easier to add current users onto the switch port mapping published data instead of adding the IF Alias data to IPAM published data that would be better.

Else is my request possible by means of query?