How to summerize multi table by indepenedent data

How to summerize multi table by indepenedent data

I have three table that related to ServiceDesk Plus like below details:
Table 1: worklog

Table 2: task

Table 3: request

Now I want to generate this result with Analytics Plus that every count of table is independent. What should I do?

These table have relationship to each other. When we use summarize option to generate this table, count task related to count of request and count of worklog related to task. I don't want to generate report that these count related to each other.

I use this query for generate report that needs but I want to generate report by visual drag and drop feature in Analytics Plus:
  1. select "Technician", sum(is_workid), sum(is_taskid), sum(is_requestid)
    from ((select "Technician", 1 as is_workid, 0 as is_taskid, 0 as is_requestid
           from "WorkLog"
          ) union all
          (select "Owner", 0, 1, 0
           from "Tasks"
          ) union all
          (select "Technician", 0, 0, 1
           from "Request"
         ) t
    group by "Technician";

version: Analytics Plus v4700

Do you have any solution?

Thanks for helping
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