How to simplify user management by integrating ADManager Plus with UltiPro

How to simplify user management by integrating ADManager Plus with UltiPro

By integrating UltiPro Services with ADManager Plus, you can automatically import user details from the HR software into ADManager Plus, and create user accounts in AD using those details. By doing this you no longer have to spend time manually creating a CSV file with user details and writing a script to import or export the CSV files. 

Steps to integrate ADManager Plus with UltiPro Services to create users in AD:


Step 1: Enable integration between ADManager Plus and UltiPro Services


  • Logon to ADManager Plus and click on the Admin tab. 

  • Click on the Integrations option in the left navigation pane. 

  • Click on the UltiPro Services icon and then on the arrow located beside Service Account Administration. 

  • Enter the Web Service Account Username, Password, and the Customer API Key of your UltiPro account that has to be integrated with ADManager Plus. If you wish to filter out users from a specific company, enter the Company ID in the Advanced section. 

  • Click on Test Connection and Save.  


Step 2: Perform LDAP attribute mapping

  • Click on Add New Configuration

  • Enter a suitable Configuration Name and Description.

  • Map the settings of user accounts in UltiPro Services to the corresponding LDAP attributes in AD. For instance, map the givenName under LDAP Attribute Name to the First_Name under DB Column Name. Click on the symbol to perform attribute mappings for all mandatory attributes. 

  • Click on Save


NOTE: Password is a mandatory attribute that cannot be mapped to the UltiPro Services columns. To resolve this, create a template and specify the password or the method to generate the password. You can then apply this template in the next step. 


Step 3: Automate user management via ADManager Plus-UltiPro Services integration

  • Click on the Automation tab and click on Create New Automation

  • Specify the Automation Name and Description. Set the Automation Category to User Automation

  • Select the Domain and OUs for which you wish to automate user management via the ADManagerPlus-UltiPro Services integration.

  • Under Automation Task, select the relevant option. 

  • If you wish to automate user creation or modification, under the Template to be applied field, select that template in which you have specified the password or the method to set the password (as mentioned in the note given after Step 2).

  • Change the Data from CSV option to Data from UltiPro Services

  • Select the desired attribute mapping. Click on the Advanced button to configure additional conditions. Select the Ignore current records in UltiPro Services, if you wish to sync only the new users created in UltiPro Services with that of AD. 

  • If you wish to approve the automation task before it's executed, then enable the Implement Business Workflow option.

  • Specify the time interval and frequency at which you wish to execute this automation. 

  • You can also enable notifications to be sent whenever this automation is executed. 

  • Click on Save & Run.