How to shutdown inactive computers using Endpoint Central?

How to shutdown inactive computers using Endpoint Central?

I'm trying to follow the how to found here: that provide instruction on setting up a computer to shut down or log off when Idle. The instructions are not complete though.



  1. Download the attached file IdleSession, extract the executable.
  2. Open Endpoint Central Server Console
  3. Click Configuration Tab.
  4. Navigate to Configurations > Create Configuration > User Configuration and select Custom Script.
  5. Browse and give the downloaded “idlesession.exe
  6. Under Script arguments enter <idle time in sec> <logoff | shutdown | restart >
    Ex: 7200 shutdown => This is to switch off the system if the user is idle for 2 hrs.[ 120*60 = 7200 seconds ]
  7. Deploy it to the the target users.

In addition to shut down, you can perform logoff for inactive user session from the same executable by replacing Shutdown with Logoff in the script arguments.

but as shown in the attached screen shot It wants a script from the script repository that I would need to create but your instructions don't say how to do this part or where to go to find out how to write the needed script.

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