How to restrict login attempts for technicians in ADManager Plus?

How to restrict login attempts for technicians in ADManager Plus?

Breaches. Attacks. Threats.


Now, these words hanging there don't feel so reassuring, do they? They are the stuff of nightmares for employees, IT admins and C-level executives alike. Over the years, as security systems adapted to attacking techniques, the latter became increasingly sophisticated too. A foolproof and foremost step to keep the attackers at bay is to ensure all security basics are in place.

For example, the technician accounts are often accessed from help desk consoles or kiosks. These are easy targets for attackers as they might not have the same stringent security measures as the critical servers and other devices on a network. Among other best practices like restricting keyboard inputs, USB ports, and right clicks, it is also prudent to restrict the number of bad password attempts to login to access critical applications. You can set the set the maximum number of login attempts before a user gets locked out of ADManager Plus with the steps below,


Steps to restrict the number of logon attempts for technicians

  1. Login to ADManager Plus. Click the Delegation tab.

  2. Under Configuration, click Logon Settings.

  3. Click the General tab.

  4. In Block User Settings, select the Block user after invalid login attempts option.

  5. In Invalid attempts limit, enter the maximum number of consecutive bad logons that you wish to permit. Enter the period within which the specified number of bad login attempts must happen in the within field. In the Block user for field, enter the number of minutes you wish to block them for.

  6. Click Save Settings.


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