How to restore deleted AD contacts with ADManager Plus?

How to restore deleted AD contacts with ADManager Plus?

No IT environment is immune to accidental deletions or modifications and your organization is not exempt from this either. Accidental deletion of Active Directory information can bring your organization to a stand-still with a domino-effect starting with identity and access management crumbling first. ADManager Plus' Restore Deleted Contacts option is a script-free way to bring back deleted contacts in bulk with a few clicks.


Steps to restore deleted contacts:

  • Navigate to the Management tab --> Contact Management --> Bulk Contact Modification --> Restore Deleted Contacts.

  • In the Restore Contacts from Recycle Bin page, select the domain.

  • Specify the contacts to be restored in any of the following ways:

    • Locate the contacts using the search option.

    • Alternatively, import a CSV file that has the list of contacts using the CSV Import option.

  • Click Apply to restore the deleted contacts.


Note: The deleted contacts will be restored with all the attributes intact only in Active Directory 2008 R2 versions or later with the Recycle Bin feature enabled. In all other earlier versions, the contacts will be restored only with the mandatory attributes and not all attributes.



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