How to Move OneDrive Files to Another Account? - Free Methods

How to Move OneDrive Files to Another Account? - Free Methods

Microsft OneDrive is the most widely used application in businesses to store and manage critical data information. Many businesses invest in the Microsoft 365 Office suite to increase productivity. However, due to internal transitions or employee turnover, users frequently want to move their file data from one tenant to another. 

In this respect, there are several methods that will help you to move OneDrive data files from one account to another. Recently, One of my colleagues recently shared this informative blog that explains the top three free manual methods to Migrate Data From OneDrive To OneDrive For Business. This article will assist you by providing an in-depth procedure for performing the methods listed below.
  1. Migrate OneDrive to a new tenant - Using Microsoft 365 Admin Center.
  2. Transfer Between OneDrive Accounts - Power Automate File.
  3. Share Files to Transfer OneDrive Files to Another Account.
Finally, this article also introduced an advanced software approach that includes a secure Microsoft OneDrive Backup Tool, which ensures high data security. You can also try its free trial version to analyze and experience its incredible performance.

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