How to integrate ADManager Plus with ServiceDesk Plus Cloud ?

How to integrate ADManager Plus with ServiceDesk Plus Cloud ?

According to a Gartner survey, 20-50 percent of calls to the help desk are for password resets. Forrester Research calculates that it costs $70 on average for the help desk to reset a single password. Besides racking up quite a price tag, these tickets also consume a lot of time. An easy solution to this problem is to integrate the help desk and AD management consoles. Integrating ADManager Plus with a help desk application like ServiceDesk Plus Cloud can be useful for help desk technicians to perform important identity management tasks like creating, deleting, enabling, disabling or unlocking a user account, and resetting passwords, etc. from within their help desk console.

Steps to configure the ADManager Plus plugin in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud

  1. Login to ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand instance as the admin.

  2. Open Settings from the top right corner of the page.

  3. Navigate to Developer Space> Custom Widget > New Custom Widget.

Note: The Custom Widget feature is in the closed beta stage for ServiceDesk Plus Cloud user. To get this feature, please reach out to us at

  1. Click on the Attach file icon to upload the ADManager Plus plugin file (.zip). You can download the ADManager Plus plugin from here.

  2. Click Save.

  3. After the plugin gets installed, an ADManager Plus tab will become available.

  4. Click Integrate and enter ADManager Plus URL and configure probe. Click Next.

  5. Once the URL gets established, enter the ADManager Plus admin credentials like Username, Password and Domain. Click Finish.

You can learn more about the integration and its benefits, here.


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