How to integrate ADManager Plus and Freshservice for effective user identity and access management

How to integrate ADManager Plus and Freshservice for effective user identity and access management

If help desks are effective tools for improving user productivity, then help desk tools that lack the necessary capabilities are equally effective at reducing user productivity, as they increase the turn around times of requests. More employees working remotely and having to adapt to new tools and devices has caused an unprecedented spike in the volume of AD-related help desk tickets over the last couple of years.

This not only affects the help desk productivity but also steadily drives up the time taken for ticket resolution and resource costs.


An easy solution to this problem is to integrate the help desk and AD management consoles. Integrating ADManager Plus with a help desk application like Freshservice can be useful for help desk technicians to perform important identity management tasks like creating, deleting, enabling, disabling or unlocking a user account, resetting passwords, etc. from within their help desk console.


Steps to integrate ADManager Plus with Freshservice


Before getting started,

  • If you haven't deployed ADManager Plus yet, download and install it. Read more about this here

  • If you're an existing user, ensure that you've updated ADManager Plus to the latest version. The integration with Freshservice is supported in versions 7064 and above.

  • For establishing a secure communication between ADManager Plus and Freshservice, ensure that the host name of ADManager Plus server holds a valid SSL certificate signed by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA).

  1. Logon to Freshservice as the admin.

  2. Install the ADManager Plus plugin.

  3. Enter the ADManager Plus URL and click Next.

  4. Enter the help desk technician's credentials like Username, Password and Domain. Click Finish.


You can learn more about the integration and its benefits, here. ADmanager Plus also offers out-of-the-box integration with other help desk management tools like Jira, ServiceNow, Zendesk and ServiceDesk Plus as well. You can know more about it here.


Tune in next week for another quick tip for better identity and access management!



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