How to Display Help Card in Ticket

How to Display Help Card in Ticket

I'm attempting to create an Incident Template for a large number of requests that will be coming in for a project. There's a list of documentation that I'd like to link and some notes I'd like to give to the technician for each ticket. 

I've enabled the additional area in the Incident Template for descriptions, notes, or guidelines for the Technician and input all required notes.

The problem is, this doesn't show up when working on the ticket. Unfortunately, this only shows up if the technician is editing the ticket. 

Is there a way to display the Help Card while looking at the normal pane of the ticket, rather than while editing? 

Alternatively, I've attempted to put this in the description of the template. Is it possible to append the description to the bottom of the existing ticket description, or will it always overwrite? 

Thanks for any help on this! 

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