How to create custom naming formats creating or modifying users with ADManager Plus?

How to create custom naming formats creating or modifying users with ADManager Plus?

A major hiccup that organizations face when they switch from manual user provisioning to template based or automated user provisioning is configuring the logon names in the format that's being used in the organization. This is important not only  to ensure that the organization's processes are not disrupted but also simplify and standardize the process of creating new user accounts in Active Directory (AD).


ADManager Plus allows you to create a Custom Naming Format suited to your organization's naming protocols and needs. For example, if the naming format followed in your organization is

First character of the last name +.+ All characters of the first name, you can configure the naming format as follows, 

  1. Navigate to Admin tab and select Naming Formats.

  2. Click on the + Add New Format.

  3. Provide a name for the new naming format.

  4. In the Select Data section, choose 'LastName'; in the first drop-down box, then choose 'First' in the next; in textbox preceding characters, enter number 1; choose appropriate case; click +Add.

  5. Now, from the first drop down box, select 'Dot' and click +Add

  6. Again, from Select Data section, choose 'FirstName'; let the value in the drop-down box be "All"; select appropriate case, and click +Add

  7. Click on the Show Advanced option at the bottom right corner of the section. You can choose the total length at which the logon name is to be limited, and removal of umlaut accents, extra spaces, etc.

  8. Click Save. This naming format will now be available for use in the user templates in ADManager Plus. 

Tune in next week for another quick tip to manage your AD efficiently.


Team ADManager Plus.