How to bulk mail-enable/disable Office 365 public folders?

How to bulk mail-enable/disable Office 365 public folders?

 In this post, I'll explain how you can enable or disable public folders in Office 365, in bulk, without using PowerShell scripts. 

Why mail-enable/disable a public folder?

A mail-enabled public folder offers a centralized email delivery for specific groups in an organization without having to give control of mailboxes to them. That is, when you mail-enable a public folder, users can post to that folder by sending an email to it. On the other hand, if you don't want users to post to a public folder, you mail-disable it.

Why O365 Manager Plus is a better choice?

Exchange Admin Centre allows you to mail-enable/disable only one public folder at a time, which is tiresome. With O365 Manager Plus, you can bulk enable/disable multiple public folders. 


  • Log into O365 Manager Plus with admin credentials.
  • Go to the Management tab.

                                                                                 Figure 1. Bulk public folder modification.

  • Navigate to Public Folders drop-down > Bulk Public Folder Modification > Mail Enable Public Folder or Mail Disable Public Folder.

                                              Figure 2. Mail enable public folder

                                                                                                            Figure 3. Mail disable public folder.

  • In the window that opens, select the Office 365 Tenent and Virtual Tenent in which you want to enable or disable mail-enabled public folders.
  • To manually select the required public folders, select Enter name(s) to search and click Find. If you have the folders listed in a CSV file, then use the CSV Import option.   
  • Click Apply.

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