How to add Office 365 users to Microsoft Teams with ADManager Plus?

How to add Office 365 users to Microsoft Teams with ADManager Plus?

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative tool for business communications available with Office 365. ADManager Plus can help you assign Microsoft 365 (Office 365) users to different channels or teams in Microsoft Teams, right while provisioning their Active Directory and Office 365 accounts. You can also assign various policy packages to the users. This feature is a part of ADManager Plus' latest update. You can download the latest build here.  The following steps can help you with adding users to Microsoft Teams.


Adding a new Office 365 user to a Microsoft Teams channel

    1. Logon to ADManager Plus.

    2. Navigate to Management > User Management > User Management > User Creation > Create Single User.

    3. After adding the various attribute values for the user account under General, Account, Exchange, Contact, Remote Mailbox, Terminal, etc, click on the MS Teams tab.

    4. Select the Teams and Channels you wish to add the Office 365 user to. You can also assign Policies by choosing a pre-existing policy from the drop down menu.

    5. Click Create User.


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