How do you handel tight time schedules

How do you handel tight time schedules


I have a question on how you handel short time windows for certain tasks given by the customer? 

We are sometimes in a Situation where we only have 60-70 minutes time (for example during our customers lunch break) to roll out an update. 
The problem with Endpoint Central in a case like that are two things:
1. The fact that you have to put in a Intervall of min. 3 hours which for some of our customers is an absolutley no go. 

2. Even if the Agent wants to start the installation it sometimes remains 30 min in Pending because some automatic Patchtask is running. 

So I'm wondering how do you / how would you handle situations like that? And why can't Manage Engine make it possible to run Configurations and Patchmanagement at the same time? I've worked with Ivanti, N-Able and NinjaOne and they all can handle multiple Tasks at once. 


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