How about winning $15 for giving your opinion on a free tool?

How about winning $15 for giving your opinion on a free tool?

One  for  one  is dull,  while  one  for  many  is exciting!  How  does  one console  for multi-vendor monitoring tools  sound?  Far-fetched?  Not  anymore!  We  just  made  that possible  for  you.  Try  it  to believe  it. Collate alarms  from  over  20 disparate monitoring tools,  and  get productive!

How?  It  is simple really. Stop console hopping  and breaking  your  head  to  find  the underlying reason  for  an alarm. Instead, sign  up  for AlarmsOne  from ManageEngine  and ,

  •   Correlate  the alarms  from various tools  in  an multi-vendor  IT infrastructure

  •   Categorise based  on  the monitoring tool, metric monitored  and  the type  of alarm

  •   Identify  the root cause  of  an alarm  and eradicate  the issue  before  it ruptures  the network

Try  and  let  us  know  what  you  think.  Write a valid feedback  and win* a $ 15 worth Amazon voucher. 

Got questions about AlarmsOne? Post them here and get it answered. 


* 10 winners  will  be selected  from  the  people  who send  their detailed feedback  about AlarmsOne.

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