Help us understand and measure your SOC performance

Help us understand and measure your SOC performance

What gets measured gets managed. Are you measuring your security operations center's (SOC) performance? 

The IT security team's performance measurement has always been subjective in the last decade. With more and more security techniques emerging, organizations come up with different metrics to measure the performance of their security operations center (SOC). But, are you measuring the output correctly? Most times, organizations measure the right parameter but in the wrong way. 

How do you know what is the right parameter and the method? How do you know the results you obtained are accurate and that decisions can be taken based on those results? 

We, at ManageEngine, decided to conduct an exhaustive research on how SOCs around the globe function, metrics used by enterprises of varied sizes to gauge the performance of their SOCs, how they've aligned their metrics with their goal, and how ready SOCs are to adapt to changes in the IT security landscape. 

Just take this two-minute survey and help us understand the trends of SOCs.

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