Having issues making API calls from Jira automation

Having issues making API calls from Jira automation

We are trying to have AD user creation driven by a Jira form that a user submits with the new user's information.  When the form is submitted, Jira Automation pulls data from it (First name, last name, email, etc) and then is configured to make a HTTP request to the ManageEngine server.

I've got the API call URLs working from a web browser or from a Python request - however, when I give the URL to Jira, it fusses at me until I fully encode it for a URL.  But, after doing that, ManageEngine sends a fast HTTP-408 response back to the Jira server.  

Has anyone gotten ManageEngine API calls working through Jira automation, or can anyone point me towards where I could find out more information about why the ManageEngine API is throwing a 408 error?  Any specific logs, etc?  I've got debug turned on.

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