Have you tried generating Alarm Reports yet?

Have you tried generating Alarm Reports yet?

Here at AlarmsOne, we wanted to help you dive deep into your incident alerts. After all, it should be easy to see the current status of old alerts, who acknowledged them, when they were closed, and how long it took to resolve the incident. That’s why we made some tweaks to AlarmsOne to make accessing past alert information as easy as possible. 

Now you can easily generate reports in PDF or CSV  and inspect data of interest and intervene wherever necessary, so you can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your alert management team. Sign in to your AlarmsOne account and start generating the Alarm reports you need.

Email us at support@alarmsone.com and tell us how we can enhance the alarm report generating process to make it more comprehensive, or let us know anything else you’d like to see in the  Alarm Report  section.

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