Have you tried AlarmsOne's new features yet?

Have you tried AlarmsOne's new features yet?

We introduced Multi-criteria Alerting and Alarm Escalations to make alert management more effective, and we would like to know whether our new features fulfil your IT alert management needs. I'll tell you how these features can help you, incase you haven't tried these features yet. 

With AlarmsOne, now you have entire control over the alerting process. Multi-criteria-based alerting helps you  curb alert noise and receive notifications only for those critical alarms that need a response. Escalation policies help you escalate alarms  to higher levels and notify the next person in-line, if the primary recipient fails to respond to an alarm within the stipulated time. Notify the right person at the right time to make sure every critical alert is resolved on time, every time.

If you need help defining notification criteria or escalation policies that suit your business environment, feel free to reply to this post. We are happy to help you. 

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