HA Config steps - Unclear

HA Config steps - Unclear

When configuring HA, per this article,  https://www.manageengine.com/products/passwordmanagerpro/help/high-availability-pgsql.html:

  • Stop Primary Server, if running
  • Open a command prompt and navigate to <PMP_Primary_Installation_Folder>/bin directory
  • Copy the secondary server certificate and paste it under <PMP_Primary_Installation_Folder>/bin directory
  • From <PMP_Primary_Installation_Folder>/bin directory, execute the following command:
  • importCert.bat <name of the server certificate>

  • This adds the certificate to the PMP certificate store.
Where is the "secondary server certificate" and what is the file name I should be looking for? I looked on the secondary server and see no .cer file that references the secondary server. I do find under .\PMP\conf\saml, .PMP\agent & .PMP\conf .cer files that reference the primary server. I am assuming these came from the HA zip package I extracted in the earlier steps.

Thanks for the assistance.


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