[GDPR Webinar] Detecting & responding to personal data breaches.

[GDPR Webinar] Detecting & responding to personal data breaches.

Be GDPR-ready by this May. It's hard to prevent data breaches. Most of the time the only option that we have is containing the attack to reduce the impact. If you're a security administrator or a to-be data protection officer, then you need to definitely deploy a security solution that helps detect and report personal data breaches.
The GDPR's Article 33 - Notification of data breaches to supervisory authorities says that too. 

Join our webinar and hear our compliance expert explain how easily you can meet this requirement.

Title: Comply with the GDPR: Detecting and responding to personal data breaches.

Date & Time: 13th February, 2 PM GMT

What can you expect from this webinar?

  • Decrypting Article 33 - Notification of a personal data breach to the supervisory authority.
  • The types of personal data breaches.
  • Steps to mitigate insider attacks.
  • Technical measures to detect external breaches.
  • What goes into the incident report?


We hope to see you in the webinar